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Our Centre

Background and Philosophy

The Origins Of Our Centre

The Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre was established in Sydney in the year 2000 when Raman Das Mahatyagi, its founder, first came to Australia, from India. It started as a small home clinic offering help to people with chronic health problems, but as the call for natural treatments increased, the demand for services outgrew the available facilities and in 2011 the current purpose built premises opened in Gordon, to allow room for additional staff and equipment. The new state-of-the-art Centre offers a comprehensive range of treatments under one roof.

Clinic Tour

Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre is a fully Australian owned business operating since January 2000 in Sydney. Our new Gordon clinic opened its doors in April 2012, and comes fully equipped to provide you a complete range of Ayurvedic treatments and programs.  

We have: 

  • 2 spa rooms for panchakarma, abhyanga massage, shirodhara and other treatments
  • full bathroom facilities
  • dedicated yoga therapy room allows for relaxing one-on-one instruction for yoga and meditation.   
  • Consultation rooms
  • herbal dispensary

and a relaxing reception area complete the picture and provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for your
healing to begin!

Our Practitioners


Raman Das Mahatyagi

Raman Das Mahatyagi Ayurvedic Practitioner at Yatan Holistic Ayurvedic Centre

Raman Das Mahatyagi is the principal Ayurvedic Vaidya (practitioner) at our
Sydney, Australia based holistic centre.  He has a degree in Ayurvedic medicine,
Bachelor of Science (Biology) and Diploma of Yoga (India).  Opening in January
2000 in Gordon, Sydney, Raman Das has helped over 4000 people improve their
health through the great healing powers of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Raman Das is traditionally trained and highly experienced - practising Ayurvedic medicine and teaching yoga for over 20 years. He specializes in creating customised treatment plans so that you can start experiencing a higher level of energy and vitality in your daily life.

He is a passionate advocate of Ayurveda and Yoga - knowing through lifelong experience their effectiveness in promoting healing of many chronic lifestyle
related health problems.

The YATAN Approach

What is YATAN

As long ago as 1979 in India the Ayurvedic Vaidya Raman Das Mahatyagi conceived the idea of a truly integrated and comprehensive healthcare system based on carefully selected elements from five different sources:

Yoga             Ayurveda         Tantra          Astrology        Naturopathy

Hence the name YATAN. Raman Das brought this concept with him to Australia in  the year 2000. In April 2012 the centre took over brand new premises in Gordon, NSW, where it is fully equipped to provide a complete range of Ayurvedic treatments and programs.